Trinity Academy: Trinity Academy

A Summer of Fun and Knowledge

Trinity Academy’s Summer Enrichment Program is designed to help your child continue the learning experience while having fun. To enrich our campers’ intellects, we implement an innovative educational method that uses creative arts, music, sports, field trips and technology to reinforce core curriculum subjects. Consequently, instruction is no longer confined to the classrooms or to textbooks. Instead, field trips to theaters, museums, amusement parks, science centers, swimming pools, sports centers, cultural festivals, zoos etc… constitute the venues where our students experience the real life applications of mathematical, scientific and social principles.

Classes in visual arts, theater, music and dance continue to offer opportunities to sharpen their language arts, mathematics and science skills. They also learn about various exiting cultures through their particular art forms.

Our hands-on activities will foster creativity in our students as they develop critical thinking and team building skills.

As technology becomes ever increasingly important in society, we provide technology courses where campers will work on special projects as they learn to use different computer functions and programs.