Trinity Academy: Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy aims to produce excellent thinkers and excellent doers. Our curriculum standards describe what students should know and be able to do in specific academic areas and across educational disciplines.

Trinity Academy’s curriculum distinguishes itself from that of other academic institutions by promoting biblical standards that help children learn to make good choices and mature in their spiritual walk. Our Bible curriculum includes song and prayer times, daily classroom devotions, weekly school chapel and Bible lessons. We believe in giving children a firm grounding in their present and future spiritual development.

It is our belief that all students must be challenged to reach their maximum potential. Helping children expand their critical thinking skills and curiosity about the world around them trains them to develop skills that will be necessary for more advanced learning. Our mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, world language, music and other programs are designed to stimulate knowledge at an age-appropriate level.

The state-of-the-art computer facility allows students access to additional learning tools such as private instruction and online instructional facilities to broaden the depth of their learning and understanding. In addition, educational software is used regularly in classrooms.

Class discussions and group activities help promote the critical thinking and speaking skills that can help children become confident and productive members of society. We allow each child’s unique and individual gifts to be enhanced through our programs, while at the same time ensuring that they acquire needed skills in reading, writing, mathematics and other academic disciplines that add up to a quality education.

As part of our efforts to adequately prepare students for the global economy, we have designed a program for them to experience various cultures via virtual trips and guest speakers. We recognize that it is also important for children to begin developing foreign language skills at an early age, and offer French classes as part of the regular curriculum. Other languages will be added to course work over time to give students a more global language perspective.

Trinity Academy takes seriously its charge of helping to shape well-rounded children who will be eager in their pursuit of academics and other creative endeavors. Music instruction is thus an important aspect of our curriculum.